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Breakfast Cure Blog

Host a Breakfast Cure Tasting or House Brunch Party

Are you considering hosting a Breakfast Cure brunch at your house or a congee/jook/porridge tasting at the clinic? Here are a few key tips to help make these events successful from the start. We’ve served hundreds of samples in one day during free tastings at events like the Pacific Symposium. We’ve also served Breakfast Cure […]

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Congee Handout and Guide

Have you ever spent endless hours working to help make life easier for someone or a group of people, only to realize you may have skipped over the most obvious and ridiculously simple solutions you could have offered? This morning while talking with Tiffany, a colleague in Santa Cruz, California, and advocate for our profession […]

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What Foods Make the Best Diet for Kidney Yin Deficiency?

Let’s Nourish and Preserve Yin Our current times surround us with endless encouragement to produce, achieve and spend our precious time actively accomplishing. Increasing energy and boosting metabolism are very popular. Chinese medicine offers plenty of great insight into building qi/energy and boosting yang/function. However, if you are suffering from dryness, flushes of heat, insomnia, […]

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What Foods Make the Best Diet for Kidney Yang Deficiency?

Food is one of the most important tools for warming and building Yang, the animating energy of our organs and systems. Because we eat multiple times a day, it’s very simple, easy, and effective to use warm and warming foods to nourish our Kidneys and our Yang energy. Have you ever wondered what foods make […]

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How To Soothe Liver Qi Stagnation With Diet

When patients arrive in my treatment room feeling “wound up” and “stressed out”, I check the state of the liver organ and associated energy channel or meridian. Before we dive into how to soothe liver qi stagnation with diet, let’s begin with a little exploration into the role of the liver in Chinese medicine.  The […]

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The Best Spleen Qi Deficiency Diet

All too often my patients show signs of Spleen Qi deficiency, and the best way to help them is through dietary recommendations. The best Spleen Qi deficiency diet includes warm, cooked foods as well as ingredients that are naturally warming. The pale, puffy tongue with teeth marks and feeling weak or rolling pulses are immediate […]

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Tropical Paradise Breakfast Cure

How about a trip to a tropical paradise? Introducing our newest flavor, a hydrating, heat-regulating recipe. Tropical Paradise Breakfast Cure keeps the metabolism-boosting benefits of warm food in your belly. At the same time, cooling pineapple and mango help you beat the heat. This recipe add another vegan, gluten-free flavor made with organic ingredients to […]

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Porridge vs Congee – What’s the Difference?

One question we hear often around Breakfast Cure boils down to, “Porridge vs Congee – What’s the difference?” Porridge Porridge is defined by the Cambridge dictionary as “a thick, soft food made from oats boiled in milk or water, eaten hot for breakfast.” Generally more oat-based in much of the UK, many other grains are […]

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Vegan Breakfast

Why eat a vegan breakfast? More people are moving to plant-based meals. It’s important to help make that process easy, convenient, and delicious. At Breakfast Cure, we are also fully committed to making breakfasts that feel like a hug, warm and comforting. Organic, gluten-free, plant-based ingredients make our job easy because whole, real-food ingredients also […]

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Four Surprising Ways to Cook Breakfast Cure

Though we typically talk to our customers about cooking Breakfast Cure in a 1.5 to 2 quart slow cooker, one of the more common questions we get is: what if I don’t have a slow cooker? Are there other ways to cook Breakfast Cure? Yes! Here are four surprising ways to cook Breakfast Cure. We […]

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