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Breakfast Cure Blog

Celebration and Free eBook Release!

It’s time for a Celebration and Free eBook Release party! It’s hard to believe I’ll be turning fifty this month, that I’ve been practicing acupuncture for over 20 of those years. Breakfast Cure is turning one year old this very same month! My friends and family banned me from planning any festivities for the big […]

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Feeling rushed? No time for breakfast?

How to Slow Down How many people are overwhelmed with making too many decisions every single day, and are looking for a way to make life a little bit easier? Hey, I’m Karen Taylor of The Breakfast Cure. Let’s talk about decision burnout. If you are feeling rushed, no time for breakfast on an average […]

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Breakfast Cure is congee-inspired

Congee is a miracle food. The only thing that makes it even better is when more people learn about it and can experience all the benefits of eating it themselves. Good Morning. I’m Karen Taylor, founder of Breakfast Cure. Today I want to talk about how Breakfast Cure is congee-inspired. Congee, or jook (juk), is […]

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How to Know a Good Bowel Movement-Constipation Demystified

Good morning. I want to talk to you about digestion. Not a very popular topic, least of all constipation. But what could be more important than good digestion in your stomach and good elimination from your intestines? That’s the best way to feel fabulous. How to Know a Good Bowel Movement-Constipation Demystified is an easy-to-learn […]

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Breakfast superfood explodes in your mouth-mind blown!

This stunning berry plumps up while cooking, yet often does not burst or break apart like other berries when cooked overnight. The result? Breakfast superfood explodes in your mouth-mind blown! I’m so glad you’re here because today I want to talk about one of my favorite fruits called the Goldenberry. It’s a really special berry […]

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Temperature vs Nature of Food

When considering the temperature vs nature of food, both the physical temperature and the energetic temperature known as its “nature” are important. Temperature Warm, cooked food is healing and soothing for digestion. Eating warm foods eases the strain on the organ system and over time optimizes the absorption of crucial nutrients. According to Chinese medicine, […]

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Breakfast Cure for Parkinson’s and Difficulty Swallowing or Dysphasia

When Texture Matters Foods that develop a​ soft, smooth, creamy texture when well-cooked are easy to swallow, which matters a lot for anyone with swallowing challenges. Solutions for some are limited, so today I want to talk about Breakfast Cure for Parkinson’s and difficulty swallowing or dysphasia. The ease of preparing, the comfort of eating, […]

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Breakfast Cure Story

Our Breakfast Cure Story begins in 1992 when Karen started her official study of acupuncture and herbal medicine. She has been prescribing warm, cooked breakfasts to her patients for over 25 years. Why Breakfast Cure? The Nutshell: Better Gut Health and More Tranquil Mornings Karen started Breakfast Cure to share the benefits of eating warm, […]

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Leftovers – Delicious the Next Day

I’ve been hearing from a lot of folks who love using the 1.5-2 quart crock pot to cook breakfast overnight! Yay! Just two quick tips. First, be sure to soak the crock as soon as you serve to make clean-up a snap. It really helps! Secondly, save your leftovers for another yummy breakfast because leftovers […]

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