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Breakfast Cure Blog

Celebration and Free eBook Release!

It’s time for a Celebration and Free eBook Release party! It’s hard to believe I’ll be turning fifty this month, that I’ve been practicing acupuncture for over 20 of those years. Breakfast Cure is turning one year old this very same month!

My friends and family banned me from planning any festivities for the big day. I decided to celebrate by sharing some of what I’ve learned during all these years in my practice.

My Passion

Because it is the single thing that has helped more of my patients than anything else, I feel passionate about sharing this very simple perspective on digestion with as many people as possible.

A Gift

Thank you for joining me today for this celebration and free eBook Release! My free ebook is packed with juicy information from all these years in private practice distilled into just a few pages.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Why did you become an acupuncturist?

I studied Chinese medicine because it is a comprehensive medical system. I did not want to treat patients with alternative methods using a Western allopathic diagnosis. Acupuncture provides me with the science and theory to arrive at a diagnosis based on principles of Chinese medicine alone. Acupuncture offers a completely different view and understanding of the body and its systems. Because of this, I knew that it would provide me with the tools to diagnose and treat many conditions that continue to baffle other popular medical approaches. Every day the results continue to be inspiring, even after 15 years in practice. These amazing results translate into a better quality of life for my patients as well as continuously feeding my passion for this approach to optimal health.

What distinguishes you from other acupuncturists?

A deep and lasting love for this work has defined my whole adult life. My patients share with me that my passion for solving difficult health questions sets me apart from other acupuncturists. I enjoy working closely with each person who comes to me. I make sure to give each patient my undivided time and attention. A thorough examination is conducted with each visit and I obtain an extensive medical history to assess both physical and emotional health. This information is distilled and analyzed within the framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to arrive at a precise diagnosis, which determines the specific treatment. Chinese medicine promotes the smooth, healthy flow of energy and stimulates the natural balance of body and mind. The result is relief from pain, improved physical health, and increased vitality and serenity.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
Acupuncture is both art and science. I love using rigorous reasoning to arrive at the correct diagnosis. I know that selection of points and herbs is also an art requiring special attention and intuition. What will best help each specific individual? Incredible rewards come from helping people feel better so they can do whatever it is they want to do each day without physical, mental, or emotional limitations holding them back. It lights me up to see the expression on a face that didn’t believe relief was possible and yet here it is! I love sharing the knowledge I have with people so that they are able to maintain the improvements they gained from acupuncture and herbal therapies. So many inspiring people have come to me as patients, mentors, and teachers as I continue to grow and learn from each and every one.

What is the biggest misconception you hear about acupuncture?

People say acupuncture only works if you believe it will work. The mind is a powerful tool, but anyone who has seen a dog or a horse get acupuncture knows that the effect is not a placebo effect. Acupuncture is powerful medicine when applied with skill. The biggest misconception in the media is to limit the conditions for which acupuncture is effective. Everyone agrees that it helps back pain and migraines, but they are missing some of the amazing results for insomnia, anxiety, hot flashes, depression, IBS, and other serious digestive complaints such as GERD or reflux, shingles, fibromyalgia, and much more. When I first started practicing in 1995, needles were still considered “experimental” by the FDA. Now Dr. Oz has talked about acupuncture on Oprah. Acupuncture has become a common household word. This is encouraging because so many people will be helped without surgery or unnecessary medications.

How do you stay healthy in your own life?

The most important thing I do for my health is to make time to care for myself. For me, this means some quiet time every day. I make sure to give myself the gift of complete relaxation even during very busy times. I believe that incorporating fun as well as relaxation into my daily life helps me stay happy as well as healthy. For me, this means that I dance almost daily. I also get acupuncture and take Chinese herbs myself to maintain optimal health. Of course, I eat well, which in Chinese medicine may mean a very different diet than many popular health fads. Whole foods and relaxing while eating is of utmost importance. I take care of my body, mind, and soul in order to feel my best.

What is blood chemistry analysis?

Blood chemistry analysis is an innovative approach to reading standard lab test results using tighter acceptable ranges to reveal imbalances before symptoms arise. This approach enables a comprehensive, holistic diagnosis that specifically targets the root causes of health concerns. Optimal health is the standard I use in analyzing lab test results. Looking at tighter ranges allows me to accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of each individual. By addressing every organ, gland, and system, the whole person is brought into balance. These tangible numeric indicators facilitate tremendous accuracy in the administration of a personalized plan including acupuncture, herbs, supplements, nutritional, and lifestyle recommendations while accurately guiding the healing process. The results are often dramatic and extend well beyond the initial reason for the consultation.

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