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Breakfast Cure Blog

Breakfast Cure Story

Breakfast Cure Story

Our Breakfast Cure Story begins in 1992 when Karen started her official study of acupuncture and herbal medicine. She has been prescribing warm, cooked breakfasts to her patients for over 25 years.

Why Breakfast Cure?

The Nutshell: Better Gut Health and More Tranquil Mornings

Karen started Breakfast Cure to share the benefits of eating warm, hydrating, easy-to-digest foods, especially in the morning, which she had learned about and experienced personally while getting her Master’s degree in Chinese medicine in the early 1990s. Regularly recommending these delicious homemade meals to her patients over the next thirty years, she discovered that people loved the idea and often believed it could help their digestive complaints. However, they never ended up cooking the recipes she had shared with them.

From her experience prescribing Chinese herbs, Karen found that people are very likely to take an easy pill or capsule and much less likely to simmer herbs into what they often find is bitter tea. It seemed as if the same hurtle might apply to healthier breakfast routines. It wasn’t until her mom died from complications of constipation that Karen realized it was her life’s mission to share this simple, soothing, hydrating, gentle, daily cleansing food that can be a cure for so many digestive problems people are facing today. 

It was then that she began to transform her lifelong congee-inspired recipes into packaged products that are as healthy as they are delicious. Made with fresh, organic whole food, yet as simple as pouring a packet into the slow cooker, adding water, and letting it cook overnight. Too many cold, complex, or processed foods can cause digestive trouble. Eating this kind of comforting breakfast allows you to easily feel the benefits yourself. Indigestion, bloating, and other stomach and gut health complaints can be soothed and improved by this simple meal both immediately and over time. 

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Perfect for busy people

Breakfast Cure meals cook overnight while you sleep, so the real bonus is that you create more precious morning time. It’s super quick and easy and anyone can do it. Because Breakfast Cure is ready when you are, there is more time for what you love about morning time…petting your dog or cat while sitting quietly, blasting some tunes and getting your groove on, meditating, riding your bicycle, reading a book, whatever makes your morning sweet, sacred, and special.

Make time for yourself with Breakfast Cure. How will you enjoy extra morning time? Sleep more? Read? Absolutely nothing?…

Breakfast Cure Story – Congee Inspired

“When I was in acupuncture school in about 1993, I had an amazing young, brilliant American nutrition teacher who taught me about congee. Congee is a traditional Asian rice porridge that’s been eaten all over Asia for thousands of years. She’s said, you know, just try it. And I loved it. It was surprising to me how good it felt in my stomach. It’s the kind of benefit you can get from Chinese medicine without going to an acupuncture appointment. You can feel the difference in your stomach and in your intestines, and just in your energy in general.

Acupuncture, school is pretty intense. It’s medical school. I was really, really busy. The best thing was that the congee cooked overnight in a slow cooker, and I could eat it in the morning as I was running out the door.

Fast forward 25 years and I was still making congee. And then my mom got sick. She ended up dying of complications from constipation, which I know could have been treated by eating congee, such a simple thing. I realized it was my calling to bring this amazing, delicious, convenient, but also medicinal food to more people. I figured out how to package it by making all these ingredients dried. Now, people all over are making Breakfast Cure and regularly letting me know how much they love it, how they love the convenience, but how they love the way it makes them feel.”

Graduation 1995

Breakfast Cure Story

Our Breakfast Cure Story begins in Santa Fe with brilliant professors such as the one and only Dr. Jishun Hao.

Learn more about Dr. Hao and The International Academy of Scalp Acupuncture

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