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For Professionals

Our dream is to make congee a household word across America.

Help us bring home the healing power.

Join our team of wellness professionals.

Together we can bring the power of our medicine into the homes and onto the breakfast tables of our loved ones, our patients, our community, our country, and our continent.

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Partners in spreading the wisdom of warm.

As acupuncturists, we know the Spleen loathes coldness, and to our core we appreciate the value of caring for it. Our knowledge of digestion allows us to deeply understand the value of congee, which is not always easy to explain in a way that inspires people to change what they eat.

We are the ones who can deliver this message, help make congee a common breakfast, and spread the benefits of this simple, medicinal food, just as we have done with acupuncture. Congee can provide a much needed daily healing for our epidemic of cold, tired Spleens and stomach sensitivity.

Breakfast Cure for Your Office

Breakfast Cure Cofee Table Book

Your Bowl of Zen Book
Our beautiful, full-color hardcover waiting room photo book is the perfect way to introduce patients to the concept and benefits of congee for breakfast. It includes simple descriptions of how congee addresses a variety of Chinese pattern diagnoses such as Yin deficiency with false fire or Liver Qi stagnation. A gorgeous addition to any office.

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Breakfast Cure Congee Clinic Tasting Kit

Breakfast Cure Tasting Kit
Bring the delightful aroma of cooking congee to your clinic with our clear and simple tasting kit. Each kit contains 15 cups, 15 eco-spoons, 1 starter flavor + topping, “How To Have A Great Tasting” instructions, Tasting Today sign, 10 Breakfast Cure business cards.


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Clinic Tasting Kit

Tasting Kit Refill contains 15 cups, 15 eco-spoons, 10 Breakfast Cure business cards.

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Chinese Medicine Flavor Cards

Click/tap a card for a larger view. Or click the link below each Flavor card to download a printable PDF file.

Unexpected & wonderful!

“Fantastic – delicious – yummy – rich – unexpected and wonderful. My stomach and whole body felt GREAT after that hot moist breakfast.”
–Dana LaVoie, Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Breakfast Cure for Professionals