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a path through the woods overlay of words Congee Handout and Guide for practitioners

Congee Handout and Guide

Have you ever spent endless hours working to help make life easier for someone or a group of people, only to realize you may have skipped over the most obvious and ridiculously simple solutions you could have offered?

This morning while talking with Tiffany, a colleague in Santa Cruz, California, and advocate for our profession as a volunteer member of the board at CSOMA. We got to chatting about easier ways to share congee and Breakfast Cure with patients who we know would benefit and love it.

“I use handouts for educating my patients about everything from cupping to bone broth. What would you think about making a one-page congee PDF for practitioners?”

I’ve been practicing acupuncture for thirty years myself and love my stash of handouts, created and collected over time, so this “Aha!” moment made me laugh out loud. “Of course!” Simple answers are the best.

I’m genuinely excited to share the result with you today. I hope you like this little congee handout and guide and that it’s helpful.

As always, I love hearing success stories as well as challenges that need solutions. Email me at any time.

Download and share as you like. Fill out the form below to get your congee handout now.

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Want to read the handout right now? Below is what the handout has to say about congee.


  • is an easy, healthy meal that cooks while you sleep, work, play…
  • soothes, heals, and repairs the organs (and channels) of digestion
  • regulates elimination
  • easily delivers needed nutrients


is a porridge, traditionally made of rice. Like oatmeal or rice pudding, however, congee is cooked slowly with five or more times the volume of water. This allows the grains to cook completely with plenty of moisture to spare.

Healing congees have been prescribed for centuries and are part of traditional Chinese medicine and Asian dietary therapy.

The Benefits of Congee


The Yin and Yang of Digestion

    • Constipation

    Better with good hydration

    Congee Nourishes Yin

    • Loose or irregular bowel movements

    Better with warm food

    Congee Builds Yang

    • Low energy or metabolism/ difficulty maintaining a healthy weight

    Better with easy-to-digest food

    Congee Strengthens Qi/ Regulates Fluids and Metabolism

    • Pain or discomfort of the stomach or intestines

    Congee Benefits, Soothes, Regulates, and Harmonizes

“It took a minute to persuade my wife to do the long cooking but once she started doing it our whole family is into it. It tastes amazing, she loves it and even our 16-month-old is eating these.”

– Bora

When nothing else helps

  • Warm, well-cooked, hydrating foods are easy to digest and soothe the stomach and intestines.
  • Foods that are easy to digest and absorb deliver the nutrients you need without all the effort. The net effect is an overall energy and metabolism boost.
  • Cooking congee with ample water makes it an exceptionally hydrating meal. Good hydration reduces inflammation and lubricates all your cells, muscles, and organs keeping them flexible and energized.

“Thank you for putting your passion for this into action and making it available to those of us who don’t have the knowledge or interest in making it for ourselves!! It may well have been a lifesaver for me.”


Our story

After the loss of a loved one, Karen Taylor, L.Ac. founded Breakfast Cure to help others avoid the preventable challenges and even serious complications of constipation and diarrhea. For more than 25 years of mostly failing to inspire patients to make congee at home, Karen’s mission is to share her love of congee and make it easy to experience the powerful benefits.


Warm, cooked, moist foods for breakfast

  1. keep your system running smoothly all day
  2. ensure the fiber is soft-that rough fiber doesn’t damage the intestinal walls.
  3. ensure that fiber, without enough water, doesn’t cause constipation.

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How does congee help digestion?

In Chinese medicine, warm foods build Spleen Qi and Yang and stoke the fires of digestion.

When Spleen Qi and Yang are strong, fluids are regulated and digestion, elimination, and metabolism are optimized.

Congee calms the mind and body, amplifying all of the positive effects.

  • Warm, nourishing food that feels like a hug
  • organic, gluten-free, plant-based ingredients only
  • inspired by congee
  • cooks overnight
  • slow cooker and instant pot meals
  • women-owned
  • Oregon made

I am loving my breakfasts now. It used to be my most difficult meal because other than oatmeal, there was hardly anything I could eat. But now I have these rich, nourishing, warming, and delicious meals. It is really making a difference!

– Ilana

Last night I cooked Breakfast Cure for my mother and me, and it was a total hit. At 98, my mother has become a fussy eater, but she ate 2 large servings with gusto. Her demeanor transformed from querulous to placid smiles. I loved it, too.

– Kimberly

During the busy time of caring for Mom, I have been making Breakfast Cure for breakfast, so that is one thing I don’t have to worry about. It is ready when I am and I know it will be gentle on my stomach and nourishing.

– Cindy

For more information read our free ebook.

Try a sampler.

Start with our 30-Day Challenge.

Individual flavors. Each pack makes 4 servings. Just add water.

Ask your acupuncturist for personalized flavor recommendations.

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