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Karen Taylor, L.Ac.

Hi, I'm Karen Taylor, a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist specializing in dietary and nutritional counseling using Asian medicine. I've worked with thousands of patients over the past 23 years. What single nugget of wisdom helped the most people? Congee for breakfast. I founded The Breakfast Cure because I'm passionate about sharing the benefits of congee with as many people as possible. 

What's Congee? It's a traditional Asian rice porridge that's been used for centuries to heal a wide variety of digestive complaints such as constipation, stomach pain, cramping, and poor digestion and absorption. This ancient healing recipe inspired me to create congee flavors that agree with Western tastes. I've also optimized congee to address the common health complaints of my patients and loved ones.

I wasn't always a congee advocate. Even though I've eaten congee for 25 years and always believed it to be a cornerstone of my excellent health, it wasn't until my own mother died from complications of constipation that I realized how important this information truly is. I am certain this warm, moist breakfast would have prevented the premature end to her brilliant life.

I'm sharing the healing benefits of congee with you because I've witnessed the easy, comforting, gentle cleansing and healing it offers. In our fast paced, over-processed world, so many people suffer from digestive distress. Congee is a slow-cooked comfort food without compare. Congee brings a little ease into everyday mornings.

I'm excited to share with you both how to make congee and why it's so healing for digestion. I also practice acupuncture in Eugene, Oregon. 

Rise and shine,


Karen Taylor smiling about loving congee.


Breakfast Cure Guarantee. I want you to love your breakfast. I’m so sure you are going to love it that I want you to take the first week to try my Breakfast Bundles. If you decide within 10 days of receiving your first box that Breakfast Cure is not for you, no problem.

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Delicious om berry congee from the breakfast cure.
Blueberry Maple Dream
Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Cure congee