Too Busy For Breakfast?

Need a Convenient Meal That Feels Fabulous?


Hot, Healthy, Homemade Breakfast

Cooks While You Sleep!

Gorgeous Mega Omega ingredients

Organic, Gluten Free

Karen holding a bundle of Mega Omega Breakfast Cure congee


A bowl full of Breakfast Cure Congee with hazelnuts, blueberries, and raspberries on top

Delicious, Vegan Options

Delivered to your door.

Like morning room service for your tastebuds, your tummy, and your time.

Welcome to the wisdom of warm.

  • Breakfast Cure is Delivered to Your Door. 
  • Each bundle serves 2 to 4, depending on appetite. 
  • That's as low as $3.48 per serving with a 10 bundle monthly subscription! 
  • Bundles also available individually.   
  • No Tax / Free Shipping 


Each Recipe by Karen Taylor, Acupuncturist and Master level herbalist, is inspired by congee, a traditional Asian porridge prescribed by healers (and moms) for centuries.

Need a healthy breakfast that...

  • Adds breathing room to any morning routine because it's ready when you wake up,
  • Kickstarts your metabolism so you feel great in your body,
  • Digests easily so there's no pain or bloating, 
  • and keeps you regular too?
Karen Taylor smiling about loving congee.

Founder, Karen Taylor

The Easy Way to Boost Metabolism and Soothe Digestion. 

Delighting your tastebuds is the Breakfast Cure mission

  • Taste is the highest priority in sourcing each ingredient
  • Breakfast Cure packets contain organic, gluten free ingredients of the highest quality.
  • Cheers! Enjoy with a toast to your health and care for the planet!
Erin Brandenburg Occupational Therapist

A blessing in my life


I am SO grateful that I found out about this "breakfast cure." It really has been a blessing in my life.

Arthur Ticknor Doctor of Chiropractic

Agrees with my sensitive system 100%


It is a breakfast that agrees with my sensitive system 100%. It is a tasty alternative to my usual breakfast options. It is unusual to find healthy foods that are tasty too.


Breakfast Cure Guarantee. I want you to love your breakfast. I’m so sure you are going to love it that I want you to take the first week to try my Breakfast Bundles. If you decide within 10 days of receiving your first box that Breakfast Cure is not for you, no problem.

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Vegan Breakfast Bundles cook overnight while you sleep.
Masala Chai Spice Breakfast Cure congee is formulated by Karen Taylor, Acupuncturist and herbalist