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How to Cook Breakfast Cure

How you cook your Breakfast Cure depends on the type of cooker or pot you have available.

1.5-2 Quart Slow-Cooker – Breakfast Cure Original Method

Pour Into Slow Cooker

Pour contents into your slow cooker, add water, stir, cover, and set to low.  Cook for 7-12 hours.

Slow-cooker instructions, including the recommended number of cups of water, are listed on the back of each packet.

Find the Right Cooker for You

Karen has always cooked Breakfast Cure in a 1.5-2 quart slow-cooker set to low, or approximately 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

She also recommends choosing a model with a “warm” setting because it gives another option if the low setting is too hot, cooks too quickly, or burns. Be sure the crock is removable for soaking to make cleanup quick and easy. Little slow cookers should be easy to find for $25 and under at hardware stores, etc.

When Karen’s favorite 1.5-quart cooker was discontinued, it was quite a shock, but then we began to see the silver lining. It has made it more tricky to recommend a favorite, fully tested type, but it opened a door. We began to hear from our customers how they had been cooking their Breakfast Cure in a wide variety of Instant Pots, gourmet rice cookers, and more.

How to Cook Breakfast Cure


Instant Pots

We recently received these lovely suggestions from members of our growing community.

Thanks for sharing with us!

“We love the new flavor of the cure.  My husband REALLY loves it!

Breakfast Cure is an easy way I can have a warm, satisfying breakfast that is truly nourishing and gentle on my stomach. I like it and it likes me!

– Cindy

6-quart Instant Pot on the Slow Cooker Low setting for 12 hours with the Instant Pot glass lid.

I start it in the evening just after dinner and usually give it a couple of quick stirs before I go to bed and again in the morning when I get up. I usually add about 1/4 cup of additional water early in the morning because I like mine a bit thinner, but you don’t have to.

(When I first began making Breakfast Cure, I checked several times with a Thermapen and the temp runs about 173 degrees so it is perfect.)

Instant Pot and measuring cup

Some toppings we have tried: fresh blueberries, sliced nectarine, a few raisins, some chopped pecans, a sprinkle of coconut palm sugar, a drizzle of maple syrup, a handful of blackberries, dried cherries. Most days we eat it plain, but these are the toppings we have used.

I have been enjoying my Breakfast Cure and am now making it for both my husband and me. His doctor had recommended that he eat more whole foods and I want to help with that. We have tried the fruit ones and recently got the whole sampler pack so we can experience all of the flavors. Since we liked them, I recently gave a sampler pack to my daughter-in-law so she can try them too. She has to eat gluten-free and I appreciate that all the Breakfast Cure flavors are available to her.

fresh blueberries atop triple berry Breakfast Cure

Large Instant Pot No Special Glass Lid-Community Submission

We only have a large crockpot (dries out too much) and an instant pot.

The instant pot doesn’t lose much moisture even when vented so 3 cups of water are plenty. The slow cook low temp setting overnight didn’t complete the cooking We had to cook additional.

We tried the slow cook normal temp setting last night and it was perfect.

Thanks for adding some healthy flavor to our mornings!

– Mary

Zojirushi NS-LHCO5 Rice Cooker with Porridge Setting-Community Submission

How to cook Breakfast Cure in a Zojirushi

I am spoiled using my fancy Japanese rice cooker with a porridge setting because I use milk instead of water.  Using milk adds a creamy taste to porridge that doesn’t happen when cooking with water.

– Kiyoko

Stovetop Method

You can also cook Breakfast Cure with a stovetop method. While not an overnight solution, you can use this technique in the evening and reheat it in the morning for breakfast perfection. We have simple detailed instructions in a blog post. Head on over to find out which flavors are best suited to the stovetop method.

How to Cook Breakfast Cure with a Stovetop Method

stirring Masala Chai cook with a Breafast Cure

How do you cook your Breakfast Cure? We want to know!

We are collecting suggestions from all of you to share with the newer members of our community. Thank you!

Please send suggestions to:

Have tips for a type of slow cooker, Instant Pot, or other device or method not mentioned here yet? Please share with us and we’ll add it to this page for everyone’s benefit. Please include what cooker you are using, including size, and how you used it to cook up a wonderful Breakfast Cure meal.