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Gluten Free Breakfast

Today we made Breakfast Cure Bundles filled with healthy  organic and gluten free breakfast ingredients.  And we did the whole thing in our new dedicated gluten free kitchen.

At The Breakfast Cure, we plan, shop, prep, portion, perfect, and deliver so you don't have to. Keep it simple and get healthy gluten free breakfasts without the hassle. Put the packet in the FREE crock pot, add water, stir, set to low, and sleep while your breakfast cooks overnight.

More interested in do it yourself recipes and know how for creating healthy gluten free breakfasts at home? Click below to...

Healthy gluten free breakfast can be quick, easy and homemade. The Breakfast Cure way.

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What is the Breakfast Cure? Healthy breakfast just got really easy.

Easy Healthy Breakfast Delivered!



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Introducing healthy breakfast made easy. The Breakfast Cure is for people who want to wake up to a homemade, healthy breakfast. No muss no fuss. Throw delicious Breakfast Cure bundles in the FREE crock pot, add water, stir, set to low and sleep while your breakfast cooks overnight. Easy healthy breakfast really delivers.

Want to make up your own recipes? Learn to make congee at home with my DIY recipes. Get your own 2 quart crock pot, get free recipes and congee guides and get started today.

Karen’s Guide to Congee

Karen's Guide to Congee - Sleep while your breakfast cooks itself.

Karen's Guide to Congee - Sleep while your breakfast cooks itself

Hydrate with whole grains? 5:1 water in Breakfast Cure meals. Super easy & healthy #glutenfree

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Get started today making an easy healthy breakfast with ingredients in your home. Use a small crock pot – one quart per serving. 2-3 is perfect for 2 servings. Leftovers are delicious.

It only takes a minute to put your whole grains, spices, fruits or whatever sounds good into the crock and add water. The best part is that you get to sleep while your breakfast cooks itself and then wake up to the delicious smell of your success.

Keep it simple or get creative. It’s up to you.

Didn’t come out perfect the fist time? No problem. It gets better every time you make congee. Really! Did it cook too fast, too long, run out of water. Make small adjustments and then it becomes natural.

Create a positive habit of getting breakfast in the crock the night before and you are on your way to a Breakfast Cure.

Have a good suggestion for how you remember to make your congee the night before? I’d love to hear about it. Please share in the comments below.



At The Breakfast Cure we are enthusiastic about bringing congee to doorsteps, kitchens, and bellies everywhere. Not only is The Breakfast Cure Box delivered, but we can also share our congee recipes with you right here and now. We have tips and tricks to make you fall in love with congee even more, and I bet we will learn a ton from those of you with congee experience aplenty.

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