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Breakfast Cure Blog

Escape to your island paradise in the morning.

Summer is a wonderful time to eat congee for breakfast.

Yes, even if it’s warm outside, your digestion will thank you for this perfect fast-breaking feast. Nothing to cook over a hot stove. No baking to heat up the place, just your private escape to your island paradise in the morning.

Slow-cooked breakfast is ready on summer mornings when you wake up.  Bring a little extra ease into the day. No decisions, only time to relax and enjoy breakfast at your leisure.

“Don’t I need salads to stay slim through the summer?” If you’ve read any of my thoughts about congee and breakfast you can guess that I am going to emphatically say “No!”

Are salads bad for you?

As the Breakfast Cure family grows, I see more articles on this topic from my colleagues. If you follow me, you know I’ve shared many times about salad and metabolism. According to Sara Lyon of The Birth Deck, both Ayurveda and Chinese medicine share teaching about the benefits of warm foods. Check out her article, Eating According to Chinese Medicine: Are Salads Bad for You?

Eating hot foods can even help you to cool off. If you eat a bunch of cold foods and iced drinks, your body must work very hard to warm them up to body temperature in order to process, extract nutrients and eliminate the waste. All that effort heats you up. Warm, easy-to-digest foods take the stress off the system which helps you stay cool.

Balance all the cold fruit and fresh vegetables we all want to eat in the summertime with a hot, easy-to-digest, soothing meal that will help regulate your elimination. If you’ve ever picked blueberries and eaten a few too many, you know what I’m talking about.


Congee delivers extra hydration which also helps prevent overheating. Ingredients like pineapple, coconut, and lime help, even more, to keep you cool, promote digestion and regulate fluids without putting out the fire of your digestion or slowing your ability to “transform and transport,” or metabolize fluids.

a bowl of tropical paradise topped with mango and fresh pineapple slices garnished with a whole star anise pod

Drinking lots of water and eating hydrating foods are extra important in the summertime so you can maintain proper fluid balance.

Enter pineapple and mango, more than just a tasty summer treat. These fruits are excellent thirst-quenchers. In addition to clearing excess heat, they also can help treat sunstroke, boost fluid metabolism, and improve digestion.

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