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How to relieve menopause symptoms with Breakfast Cure

Recently, I had personal reasons to figure out how to relieve menopause symptoms with Breakfast Cure. Have you wondered what inspires Breakfast Cure recipe creation? There is always a different answer because each flavor has a unique spark.

This year, I really needed something that would chill me out! This year I turned fifty.

I was experiencing the heat which often accompanies menopause. That sweating just doesn’t stop for, say, important meetings, or close partner dancing!

The very last straw was when I broke into a sweat from every single pore in my body, true to form, right in the middle of treating a patient for, can you guess? Yes, hot flashes and menopausal insomnia!

Though she was very understanding, I knew it was time to pull out every trick in my doctor’s bag.

Menopause in Chinese medicine is Yin deficiency, or a decline of the fluids and tissue that provide a cooling balance to all that warming, moving Yang energy.

Without the anchor of all that Yin substance, the Yang energy flares up causing symptoms.

I know! Let’s optimize a recipe to be hydrating for everyone, but formulate it to Nourish Yin and clear the upward flaring fires of menopause!

Naturally, I called Dana LaVoie, an amazing acupuncturist, great friend, and menopause dietary and herbal expert, so we could put our heads together and come up with a list of ingredients that nourish Yin fluids and taste yummy too!

The results are in! Mega Omega to the rescue!

Breakfast Cure Mega Omega ingredients in a lump

Pistachios are included only as a serving suggestion.

Here is how the magic happens. Take a little inspiration, add some Chinese medical science, combined with Asian dietary wisdom, sprinkle with foodie exclamations of approval, and BOOM!

A new recipe is born. Welcome to the family, Mega O.

As promised, here is some of the thinking behind the creative process:

Brown basmati rice establishes the foundation with a low glycemic grain to help maintain balanced blood sugar levels to keep mood even and prevent fat storage.

Pears are known in Asia to nourish Yin. They are very juicy and deliver an abundance of fluids packed with flavor, nutrients, and moderate natural sugars.

Chia Seeds are a must-include ingredient to nourish Yin. Able to absorb up to 20 times their volume in water, chia seeds deliver massive hydration to the entire system. These powerful seeds slowly release the moistening fluids over time. PLUS chia seeds are an excellent source of healthy omega essential fatty acids that are protected during low-temperature cooking, so the full nutrient value is delivered in Breakfast Cure congee.

Black rice is also known as forbidden rice strengthens Jing and the Kidneys which is important for controlling sweating and hot flashes. It is a superfood that has more antioxidants by weight than blueberries.

Red rice supports Qi to prevent fatigue and increase well-being.

Cinnamon helps make it yummy and regulates fluids to help prevent bloating.

Coconut cream is neutral to slightly cooling in nature and nourishes Heart Yin which makes it exceptionally good for the type of anxiety and insomnia that is common during menopause is caused by the decrease of Heart Yin.

Pink Himalayan salt provides extra trace minerals that are often depleted as we age and are needed for your whole system to function optimally.

Fennel is amazing for gently warming and aiding digestion and elimination while also soothing the Liver which helps relaxation and reduces any tendency to irritability. Fennel builds Liver Blood which is part of Yin.

3 cups water- extra water is needed to achieve the maximum Yin nourishing benefits.

Together these ingredients are satisfying, soothing, moistening, calming, and deeply nourishing.

Mega-Omega is part of my morning routine for building Yin to cool, moisten, and stop the upward flaring of fire (read hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and irritability).

All this awesomeness without compromising (the fire of) my digestion. High Five!

I’m so grateful for having food medicine in my magical back of tricks.

All-day focus and brain power… on a breakfast tray! Yes, please.



mega omega congee

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