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Bowl of Three Treasures Breakfast Cure topped with Da Zao, budding scallions, black sesame seeds and goji berries

Three Treasures Congee

If you know me at all or have been following the Breakfast Cure story, then you are aware of how I love Chinese medicine with my heart and soul. The wealth of knowledge sheds a brilliant light on all aspects of life and is constantly humbling.

One of the things I love most about this beloved medicine is how many ways there are to incorporate the value of the insights into your daily routine. For some, Qi Gong or Tai Chi practice is the apex of embodying powerful wisdom. For me, I continue to be transfixed by the nourishment I find from respecting my food as medicine.

Nutrient Availability and Absorption

Remedies only work if you take them. Not everyone is so good about taking vitamins or herbs even when intending to make it a habit. I love my adaptogenic herbs and my superfoods too, but I know myself, and the best way to ensure I get these nutrients into my body is to eat them regularly in my everyday meals.

Three Treasures congee is a savory recipe, a powerful Blood tonic that calms the Shen/Heart-Mind, boosts Qi / Energy, and Jing  / Vitality while also regulating fluids.

Adaptogenic herbs are the apex of superfoods. Across Asia, over hundreds of years, these culinary medicinals have been enjoyed at the dining table in a wide variety of recipes.

Three Treasures is the off-shoot of  Red Mushroom Medley, the first Breakfast Cure congee flavor to include a pile of extra nourishing ingredients found in the Chinese Medicine herbal apothecary. In this case, food is definitely medicine. I carefully selected each ingredient for its ability to build blood and nourish the body, mind, and spirit.

Blood deficiency is a common diagnosis in Chinese medicine. Often the lack of red blood cells isn’t yet to the level of setting off alarms at the doctor’s office when looking at bloodwork results. Chinese medicine allows us to make this diagnosis based on a constellation of symptoms and complaints. We often catch it before serious symptoms arise.

Blood moistens and brings oxygen and nutrients to your cells. If you don’t have enough blood, you are likely to experience difficulty falling asleep, anxiety, fatigue, dizziness or light-headedness, dry skin, hair, or lips, and dry type constipation.

Here are some of the powerful medicinal foods in Red Mushroom Medley. Check out why they made the cut.

  • Da Zao or Jujubes nourish blood and calm the spirit, benefit the Spleen, and build Qi. They also harmonize the other ingredients in an herbal formula or recipe.
  • Long Yan Rou or Longan fruit benefits the Heart and Spleen, nourishes blood and calms the spirit (mind). Longan fruit is good for insomnia and forgetfulness as well as issues that arise due to overthinking or excessive over-working.

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