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Golden transluscent berries revealing tiny seeds inside

Breakfast superfood explodes in your mouth-mind blown!

This stunning berry plumps up while cooking, yet often does not burst or break apart like other berries when cooked overnight. The result? Breakfast superfood explodes in your mouth-mind blown!

I’m so glad you’re here because today I want to talk about one of my favorite fruits called the Goldenberry. It’s a really special berry from South America. It’s also known as a Peruvian cherry, Gooseberry, Aztec berry, or Goldenberry.

Amazing in congee because they soak up all the water, goldenberries plump all up and become this beautiful round golden ball, and when you pop it in your mouth it bursts with flavor! It’s tart, a little bit sweet. It’s kind of earthy, and it has a really special flavor, so check it out.

​It’s also really good for you because it’s high in protein, high fiber, and high in beta-carotene-good for your eyes, and good for your digestion. Including some Goldenberries in your breakfast is a great way to get extra protein and nutrients.

​They’re a superfood, so they have high levels of antioxidants, which are anti-aging, and anti-cancer. They’re also anti-microbial and an excellent way to get a natural anti-inflammatory into your diet. Goldenberries have been shown to reduce Uric acid, which is the cause of gout.

​Eat Goldenberries for all of their nutrient value, for their delicious flavor, especially if you’ve never tried one. It’s a great way to get more variety of ingredients into your diet. Eat a wider range of foods and you increase the variety of nutrients as well.

Are you ready to try it? Now a breakfast superfood explodes in your mouth-mind blown!

Try goldenberries in Triple Berry Breakfast Cure.

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