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It was wonderful to find out the benefits of Breakfast Cure for Parkinson's and Difficulty Swallowing or Dysphasia

Breakfast Cure for Parkinson’s and Difficulty Swallowing or Dysphasia

Masala Chai Breakfast Cure served in a bowl with garnishes

When Texture Matters

Foods that develop a​ soft, smooth, creamy texture when well-cooked are easy to swallow, which matters a lot for anyone with swallowing challenges. Solutions for some are limited, so today I want to talk about Breakfast Cure for Parkinson’s and difficulty swallowing or dysphasia. The ease of preparing, the comfort of eating, and easy mornings are why Breakfast Cure exists in the first place.

Helen and George do a beautiful job of sharing how well it works for them as both a person living with Parkinson’s Disease and another caring for that person.

From them, I learned so much about how important this benefit can be for people who experience swallowing challenges.

Breakfast Cure is still very young, with only a little over six months from inception. Every month has been incredible, and I am learning so much. This month has been no exception. Last week I had the honor of speaking to the members of an Alternative Parkinson’s Support Group. We all had a blast! What a truly inspiring group of individuals.

Breakfast Cure hosted our first-ever tasting.

Everyone joined in and it was a party right down to the last bite.

Congee and other well-cooked, moist, velvety porridges have many benefits for digestion such as eliminating constipation and improving nutrient absorption. Ease of swallowing is also very high on this list. One solution is Breakfast Cure for Parkinson’s and Difficulty Swallowing or Dysphasia

​Difficulty swallowing, or dysphagia is associated with Parkinson’s Disease as well as with Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, post-stroke, and brain and spinal cord injuries.

Choking and aspirating air into the lungs during meals can have serious consequences. ​Difficulty swallowing can occur at any stage of Parkinson’s disease. According to The Michael J. Fox ​Foundation For Parkinson’s Research, “The leading cause of death in Parkinson’s is aspiration pneumonia due to swallowing disorders.”

One Breakfast Cure convert said it “was the perfect solution for ease of swallowing, pleasant taste, and adding food and nutrition at breakfast. Have used it just about every morning.”

I too have a family member who lived a long time with Parkinson’s disease. I’m now celebrating the love I’ve received for Breakfast Cure for a whole new reason that really matters; it is a solution to helping people who mean so much to me.

If you know someone struggling with Parkinson’s or swallowing difficulty for any reason, please share this article with them now. Click here for the link

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