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Pineapple Paradise (GF, V)

Top with organic pumpkin seeds toasted with pink Himalayan salt   (optional)

This special summer limited edition recipe is like a tropical vacation. Let our congee transport you to full relaxation and bliss all at breakfast. Pineapple plays beautiful music with coconut and lime. Feel soothed and balanced by this hydrating, heat regulating recipe. Enjoy the ease of waking up to sweet pineapple, sour lime, and just a hint of chipotle. You'll be ready for anything without cooking or prepping. Get some awesome hydration for work and play this summer season.

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Red Musroom Medely is all its glory

Red Mushroom Medley (GF, V)

Top with miso soup (optional)

A savory congee treat from Breakfast Cure combining the wisdom of Chinese medicine for building blood with a carefully selected and delightful flavor profile. Delicious and edicnal, Wuyi and Shiitake mushrooms blended with important Chinese herbs like Da Zao and Long Yan Rou which have been used for centuries in herbal formaulas to build blood and calm Shen or "the heart/mind". Experience the deep benefits of eating powererful, healthy, adaptogenic superfoods for breakfast.

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Coconut Blueberry Bliss Congee really satisfies

Coconut Blueberry Bliss (GF, V)

Rich and delicious organic Coconut cream, Oregon blueberries with real Vermont Maple sugar. A dream combination that tastes great and such a  comfort food!

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Om Berry Breakfast Cure congee packet

Om Berry (GF, V)

Trance-inducing three berry superfood prosperity. Organic teff is tasty and packed with protein and fiber. Organic brown basmati rice tastes delicious and contains healthy complex, slowly releasing carbs. Goldenberries are plump and busting with flavor that pairs dreamily with Oregon blueberries and Oregon blackberry honey sweetened cranberries. Yay for cacao butter to bring it all together with a dab of this tasty, healthy fat.

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Gorgeous Mega Omega ingredients

Mega-Omega (GF, V)

Top with included Organic Pistachios (optional)

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate with this Yin nourishing blend of rices and chia seeds that is suprisingly pleasing on the palate and packed with nutrients and healthy fats. It's a crowd pleaser.

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Masala Chai Spice Breakfast Cure congee is formulated by Karen Taylor, Acupuncturist and herbalist

Masala Chai Spice (GF, V)

with chai pati assam tea enrichment (optional)

Comforting yet bold. Chai spiced organic white rice and creamy coconut congee sweetened with organic coconut sugar will soothe your soul. Enrich with Chai Pati Assam tea in the morning for a traditional pick-me-up. This is the quitessential modern congee because it is extremely easy to digest and filled with culinary spices also found in the Chinese medicine cabinet. Feel how warm and snuggly this one is in your belly.

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Breakfast that nourishes

Cranberry Sunrise (GF) tinted with orange and spice

Top with included Organic Walnuts & Organic dark brown raw sugar (optional)

Our cranberries are organic and naturally sweetened with Oregon blackberry honey. A wonderful sweet and tart burst of flavor balanced with orange and spices and topped with seriously sumptuous  organic walnuts.

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A bowl full of Breakfast Cure Congee with hazelnuts, blueberries, and raspberries on top

Maple Blueberry Dream (GF)

Easy to love, this simple and delicious bowl is packed with organic Oregon blueberries with real Vermont Maple sugar. A dream combination that tastes great and such a  comfort food!

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Pear-fection congee from the Breakfast Cure

Pear-Fection (GF, V)

Top with included Organic Oregon Hazelnuts (optional)

The original Breakfast Cure flavor inspired by years of congee made from scratch in founder Karen Taylor's home kitchen. A tantalizing tango of brown rice and pear. Cardamom & ginger add a little zip smoothed by vanilla bean. Enjoy the delicate dance of flavors-no drama!

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Apple Cinnamon breakfast with whole oat groats and organic spices

Apple Cinnamon Congee (GF, V)

Enrich with Organic Whole Pecans at serving (optional)

Congee comfort food at it's best. Have you ever had a whole, unrefined oat? No? It's called an oat groat and you are in for a real taste treat that elevates this classic combo to another level. Organic certified gluten free oat groats with naturally sweet organic apples are spiced to perfection. Himalayan pink salt finishes for fabulous flavor. 

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Breakfast Cure Overnight slow cooker breakfast

Fig Cardamom Pistachio (GF)

With a hint of orange

Wake up transported by a kitchen filled with enticing aromas ...The scent of jasmine, figs, cardamom, date and hints of orange. Your taste buds are rewarded with the perfect pistachio pairing.

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Tangled up in Blueberry ingredients on display.

Tangled Up in Blueberry (GF, V)

Oregon with a twist

Glorious organic Oregon blueberries accompany this colorful rice mixture that includes organic Bhutanese red rice and organic forbidden black rice. Organic lemon zest gives that Oregon twist. Watch out for a hint of organic cinnamon

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The yummiest walnuts ever!

Walnut Sage Romano Bean (GF)

Cranberry bean sage congee served with Walnuts and Romano Cheese (optional-separate individual Packets included)

Good things together. This combination of simple ingredients is flavor packed and super satisfying. Lemon garlic sage butter with cranberry bean and brown rice. Sumptuous when enriched with truly delectable  walnuts and flavorful Romano cheese.

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Easy to eat, easy to digest, delicious!

Mango & Sticky Rice (GF, V)

A mango coconut blast - a little sweet and a lot soothing. Rounded out by a dash of pink Himalayan salt. Enjoy morning or evening!

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