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Masala Chai Spice Congee

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One gourmet slow-cooker meal packet.~Three servings.

with chai pati assam tea enrichment (optional)

Comforting yet bold Chai spiced organic white rice creamy coconut congee sweetened with organic coconut sugar will soothe your soul. Top with Chai Pati Assam tea in the morning for a traditional pick-me-up.

Ingredients: organic medium grain white rice, organic coconut cream, organic coconut sugar, organic cardamom, organic Assam tea*, organic spices, Himalayan pink salt

*Assam tea included in a separate packet (caffeinated). Place organic Assam tea into mug. Add 2 oz. boiling water. Let steep four minutes. Strain onto congee.

The Breakfast Cure offers easy, healthy breakfasts that are always delicious.



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1 review for Masala Chai Spice Congee

  1. Ginger

    I haven’t tried each of Karen’s wonderful recipes yet, but I’m getting there! So far, Masala Chai Spice is my hands-down favorite. It is so good for my digestion, of course, but it is also SO scrumptious that I nearly feel transported with each bite! And I am so sad when it’s gone… I need to order extra from now on so I don’t run out.

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