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Walnut Sage Romano Bean

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One gourmet slow-cooker meal packet.~Three servings.

Good things together. This combination of simple ingredients is flavor packed and super satisfying. Lemon garlic sage butter with cranberry bean and brown rice. Sumptuous when enriched with truly delectable  walnuts and flavorful Romano cheese.

Cranberry bean sage congee served with Walnuts and Romano Cheese (optional-separate individual Packets included)

Slow cooker not included. For best results use suggested size of 1.5-2 quart slow cooker only.

Link to recommended slow cookers conveniently available after purchase.

Ingredients: organic short grain brown rice, organic cranberry beans, organic butter (milk), organic sage, organic walnuts*, Romano cheese (milk)*, organic spices, Himalayan pink salt

*Serve with organic walnuts and Pecorino Romano, included in a separate packet.

The Breakfast Cure offers easy, healthy breakfasts that are always delicious, soothing and nourishing.



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2 reviews for Walnut Sage Romano Bean

  1. Lorie

    Not just for breakfast!I love coming home after work to the scent of Walnut Sage Romano Bean congee. It makes a great side dish along with salad and chicken or pork to round out the meal.

  2. Mary

    I made the Walnut Sage Romano Bean for myself and my husband as a late morning brunch. Included a poached egg on top and it was SO TASTY. Surprisingly filling as well – we set off on a day hike and found that it easily kept us feeling full until we made it back into town late in the day. Will definitely be enjoying this for dinner soon!

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