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Tangled Up Blueberry

Tangled Up In Blueberry Congee


(GF, V)
Glorious organic Oregon blueberries accompany this colorful rice mixture that includes organic Bhutanese red rice and organic forbidden black rice. Organic lemon zest gives your breakfast that Oregon twist. Watch for a hint of organic cinnamon. The delicious flavors of these quality ingredients shine brightly in simple perfection.

Tangled Up in Blueberry, one of the original Breakfast Cure® recipes. This blend of ingredients nourishes fluids. This recipe helps relax and supporting a calm mind. What’s more relaxing than waking up to breakfast ready and waiting?

Tangled up in Blueberry is a perfect way to gently keep things regular because all that extra water softens all the fiber. It’s a warm and soothing wake-up call for the whole system that also balances and calms.

In stock

One gourmet slow-cooker meal packet, approximately three servings.

Organic blueberries, organic brown jasmine rice, organic short brown rice, organic medium white rice, organic coconut cream, organic Bhutanese red rice, organic hazelnuts*, organic black rice, organic wild rice, organic spice mix, Himalayan pink salt.

Slow-Cooker not included. For best results use the suggested size 1.5-2 quart slow cooker.

tangled up blueberry nutrition label

  • Gluten Free

  • Organic

  • Vegan

  • Kid Approved

  • Specialty

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