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Fig Cardamom Pistachio Congee

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One gourmet slow-cooker meal packet.~Three servings.

Wake up transported by a kitchen filled with enticing aromas …The scent of jasmine, figs, cardamom, date and hints of orange. Your taste buds are rewarded with the perfect pistachio pairing.

Ingredients: organic short grain brown rice, organic white jasmine rice, organic figs, organic pistachios*, organic spices, organic date sugar, organic butter (milk), organic orange extract, Himalayan pink salt

*Serve with organic pistachios, included in a separate packet.

The Breakfast Cure offers easy, healthy breakfasts that are always delicious.



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1 review for Fig Cardamom Pistachio Congee

  1. Jeff

    Great Combination.This flavor combo never fails to light up my taste buds. The fig and cardamom always combine well, but the orange adds just the right amount of brightness. Add the pistachios and it is a real winner.

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