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All About Breakfast Cure

Do you need a gentle soothing cleanse?

You probably already know that fiber is necessary for healthy and regular elimination, but did you know that water plays an equally important role in that process?

It’s important to consume enough water along with that fiber in order to plump it up and soften it. That way the food moves easily through the intestines, providing a gentle yet very effective daily cleanse which is vital to optimal health.

To Cleanse or not to cleanse, that is the question.

The concept of cleansing our systems has intrigued humans for thousands of years. We moderns are no different. It’s no wonder it appeals to so many people because we all want to feel great. It makes sense to us that some kind of challenging, extreme deprivation is the best antidote for all our over indulgences and missteps on the path of pure, healthy eating.

But cleansing can be a comfort and does not have to be a challenge to you system or your schedule.

What I’ve noticed in my practice over the years is that those who could benefit most from a cleanse are never the people who are the slightest bit interested in cleansing! These are generally the folks who are content with their diet filled with rich, hard to digest foods, meat, alcohol, and sweets.

I am often asked for my opinion about the most recent fad cleanse that is popular on social media or endorsed by a celebrity. Those asking are often weak, tired, worn out, and simply looking for relief. It’s a common interpretation that a cleanse must eliminate toxins from the body to improve overall health, whereas in Chinese medicine, these symptoms are viewed as a deficiency which needs to be built up and nourished.

Vitality and Longevity

In Chinese medicine, food and nutrition are understood as integral components to building longevity, vitality, and optimal health.

This way of thinking is inconsistent with the Western mindset which tends to focus on eliminating fat storage and toxins. By contrast, among the primary approaches of Asian medicine is optimizing all the organs and systems so they can best perform their important tasks. Vitality and longevity are generally of concern, not only disease.

Apple CinnamonShort fasting or vegetable juice cleanses can be extremely beneficial for maintaining balance. Integrating these into your routine once a month or even for a few days in Springtime can be beneficial without feeling overly draining or extreme.

By gravitating towards a diet that emphasizes daily harsh cleansing, your whole system will become more depleted over time.

Instead, adjust your focus to the optimal health concept which treats the organs and major body systems in order to restore balance so there is neither excess or deficiency.

Gentle please!

The more gentle the treatment the better. Unless there is an extremely acute situation, the body responds to gentle, simple suggestions much better and in a more lasting way compared to blasting it.

LumpConstipation and digestive discomfort are my primary areas of study.

Twenty years of working with people to heal digestive disorders has constantly reinforced my belief that soothing medicine is the best medicine.

​Better yet is when the medicine isn’t really medicine at all, but instead simple diet changes and easy, enjoyable lifestyle tweaks.

Breakfast Cure is the solution for the most common complaints I hear from my patients. It evolved from my personal daily practice of slow-cooking congee overnight. This method allows you to experience the remarkable benefits of Chinese Medicine from the comfort of your own home.

And frankly, I’m darn excited about it!

As Breakfast Cure spreads, I’ve learned that there are acupuncturists across the states who have also struggled to get their patients started on this valuable congee path. Like me, they are excited to introduce their patients to this easy, adaptable morning routine.

The tribe of Breakfast Cure converts is growing daily!

The brilliant thing about congee is that it’s beneficial for so many people, regardless of body types or health conditions. And it’s So. Easy.

When considering cleanses or dietary changes in 2019, I urge you to remember the following:

  • We all need a break from challenging foods, meal after meal.
  • We all need breakfast that’s easy to digest and assimilate.
  • We all need breakfast that is ready when we wake up so there is no stress or rushing.
  • We all need a warm breakfast that jump-starts our metabolism first thing in the morning.
  • We all need plenty of fiber AND plenty of water to soften and plump-up that fiber to keep our intestines healthy and elimination regular.

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