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Mini Masterclasses

Why Warm Food

Why Warm Food Matters

Acupuncturists and herbalists around the world highly recommend warm, well-cooked, preferably moist foods. It’s truly the easiest way to improve digestion, strengthen immunity, increase energy, regulate elimination and so much more. 

Karen created this mini masterclass to give you a little more insight into how Chinese medicine understands our digestion as a fire and why our Spleen needs easy to digest food to fuel our body, mind, and spirit.

Why Warm Food

Thank you so much for watching. Please send this along to anyone you know who could benefit from this simple yet powerful wisdom!

Before you go, check out our selection of pre-packaged, organic, gluten-free gourmet breakfasts that slow-cook overnight. Yep, warm, moist, and well-cooked, our congee is a wise choice for your Spleen!

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