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D'AO Digestive Harmony Breakfast Cure

Middle Burner Bliss

Digestion is a key to good health, balanced emotions, mental clarity, and even spiritual well being.

Breakfast Cure is committed to bringing home the wisdom of warm cooked food to those who often have never heard the idea that cold, iced food and drinks may be at the root of digestive distress.

In Asian culture and Chinese medicine, in particular, it is well understood that too much cold, raw food will put out the fire of digestive and slow metabolism, sometimes to a creeping crawl. Luckily, it’s pretty simple to turn things around and start building a glowing, stable digestive fire.

Congee is the perfect food to bring to the rescue especially when eaten to break an overnight fast. The first thing to enter your belly is ideally warm, soothing, moist, and comforting. That’s congee! Soup is great too. One of the lovely things about congee is that it can be eaten savory, sweet, or neutral.  We love to enrich congee with digestion-promoting and energy-building herbs and spices.

Pour Into Slow Cooker

There are times when we all need a little extra support.

If you are experiencing the side effects of stress combined with an overly cooling diet, then you are not alone. You probably notice some bloating, belching, loose stools, or constipation, and likely some tiredness and even discomfort in your stomach or intestines. In this case, it’s time to grab the ancient texts and pull out a tried and true formula that has stood the test of time.

Introducing our New

Middle Burner Bliss Kit

with Breakfast Cure Congee and DAO Labs.

D'AO Digestive Harmony Breakfast Cure

Breakfast Cure is thrilled to introduce you to a little packet of wisdom that we just adore. It’s from Dao Labs. Like us, they are on a mission to make Chinese medicine easy, delicious, and readily available from the comfort and convenience of home. Take a traditional formula with well-known benefits, like bao he wan, make it with high-grade herbs, and enhance the mixture with some culinary herbs, spices, fruits, etc. Yes, just like Breakfast Cure, but based on classical herbal formulas instead of medicinal soups and porridge, like Breakfast Cure recipes.

Double the power of your breakfast.

Both food and herbs deliver a beautiful balance of yin and yang. Each provides warm, Spleen supporting ingredients and builds the yang energy of digestion as well as providing plenty of moistening fluids to keep the balance of drying and moistening, hot and cold, and yin and yang. We took it a step further and teamed up to bring you all the goodness in one awesome little package.

Pair with Breakfast Cure

Buy Now

Both companies are so thrilled to find like-minded folks with amazing products that we decided to team up and offer a Middle Burner Bliss Kit that includes both Breakfast Cure congee and D’AO labs Digestive Harmony packets. Congee makes herbs and nutrients more readily available for absorption, so it’s a great time to take herbs. DAO Lab’s herbs come as a very accessible, effervescent powder in a nicely generous serving that tastes delicious. We can’t rave enough about how this tasty beverage feels in the stomach and we just love the way the orange and chai flavor pairs with so many of our own flavors.

Already eating Breakfast Cure congee? Grab some Digestive Harmony and create your own Middle Burner Bliss Kit.



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