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Mini Masterclasses

Easy Guided Ear Massage

Self-care has been a hot topic lately. The best ways to care for ourselves should be easy, enjoyable, and soothing. Learn how to do something special for yourself anywhere, anytime. It only takes a few short minutes, so all the better! Giving yourself a quick ear massage has benefits for the body, mind, and soul.

Your ear is a microsystem in Chinese medicine which means you can treat every organ and body part with the ear. Your ear is easy to reach, always accessible, and you’ll feel the relaxation immediately.

Join me now for this mini masterclass and I’ll show you how great ear massage can be. I love to use this technique before bed, while I brew my morning tea, between work stints, or even when I wait for a show to begin. When will be your favorite time for a little ear massage?

Karen created this mini masterclass to give you a tool from Chinese medicine that’s fun, easy, and very effective.

Easy Guided Ear Massage

Thank you so much for watching. Please send this along to anyone you know who could benefit from this simple yet powerful self-treatment!

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