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Find the Right Slow Cooker

Love your Breakfast Cure from the first bite and rest assured that when you use the right slow cooker you’ll enjoy perfectly prepared Breakfast Cure every time.

The best cooking temperature for Breakfast Cure is 170 degrees Fareneight. For most brands, that’s the low setting. A model with a “warm” setting gives another option if the low setting is too hot, cooks too quickly, or burns.

Shop Around

This option is the right size, has 3 temperature settings, is made by a good company, has a removable crock, and looks good too.
Search for: Crockpot model 2121314

Try Bed Bath and Beyond

Breakfast Cure has no affiliation with Bed Bath and Beyond or any retailer of slow cookers.

Target, K-Mart, Ace / True Value Hardware, etc are great places to look for 1.5-2 quart slow cookers.

We have not tested all versions of this slow cooker, but most likely any similar version of a 2 quart made by Crockpot will cook on low at the right temperature for Breakfast Cure.
For example:


Make Mornings Easy + Healthy:

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