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Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas

The Breakfast Cure® aims to expose as many people as possible to the useful perspective Chinese medicine has to offer on digestion and to share the ancient wisdom on health and longevity exemplified by this simple fare.

We offer over a dozen gluten-free flavors and hope to give you tons of inspiration for creating your own personalized breakfast. Be sure to add fresh fruits or vegetables if that sounds good one day. Need a pat of butter? Go for it. Gluten-free toppings that tailor your breakfast bowl to suit your needs and preferences are encouraged by Breakfast Cure founder and fans alike.

Naked congee can also be the call of the day.

Stir in your favorite protein powder or cook your savory congees with bone broth.

Cheers to warm, homemade breakfast congee. May you enjoy and share with many friends.

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Congee is a traditional Asian rice porridge and Breakfast Cure® is a modern adaptation that brings all the healing, soothing properties of congee to modern life. Cooking Breakfast Cure® overnight in a slow cooker makes healthy, gluten-free breakfast quick and easy.

Make Mornings Easy + Healthy:

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