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How I discovered the miracle of congee and improved it

Good Morning. I'm Karen Taylor. I'm the founder of the Breakfast Cure. Today I want to talk to you about congee. Congee is a traditional Asian rice porridge, that's been eaten all over Asia for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The Breakfast Cure is a modern adaptation of that. I've spent a lot of time modernizing it for the  Western pallet-making a congee that you can eat and find delicious and that doesn't seem foreign, but delivers all of the medicinal healing properties of this ancient recipe.

​I started eating congee about 20 years ago, when I was in Chinese medical school, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was introduced to the concept of slow cooking grains to make them more easily digestible. I thought that was an interesting concept. What really ignited the fire in me, was trying it, and feeling how different my digestion felt.

I suddenly noticed that my stomach didn't hurt at all. There was no pain, no cramping. In fact, I felt this warm, soothing, comforting, nourishing feeling that just grew, the more days in a row that I ate it. That really made me want to find out more about it. I've spent over 20 years trying all these different combinations to find the really tasty, healthy ones that work in our modern world.

​I've spent a lot of time ​modernizing congee for ​the Western pallet-making a congee that you can eat and find delicious and that doesn't seem foreign, but delivers all of the medicinal healing properties of this ancient recipe.

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The Breakfast Cure Community

Fall into Your Perfect Breakfast Rhythm

Fall is in the air.
Can you feel the energy of change all around you?

As we leave the warm, outward movement of summer & move to the cool, hibernation of winter, there is an opportunity.

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The theory of yin and yang wisely teaches how to harness the power available to us during times of transition. As we switch from one extreme to the other, there is an instability that allows new pathways to form. As we leave the warm, outward movement of summer and move into the cool, hibernation of winter, there is an opportunity.

This is the perfect time to set up new healthy strategies you will love and that will help you feel great and to flourish through the darkness, to resist the onslaught of nasty winter bugs.

Fall makes you want comfort food and breakfast is the best way to jump start your digestion, metabolism and stave off carb cravings for the rest of the day. When you are nourished and satisfied with real whole foods, it's easy to skip unhealthy snacks.

Yes, this is the time to FALL INTO YOUR PERFECT BREAKFAST RHYTHM. Nourish and warm yourself with congee. It's so easy.

Two ways to make it happen:

If you've been thinking about trying a Breakfast Cure Box, why not start today?
Click here to see the flavor menu you have your crock pot and have been waiting for the right moment to make your first batch? This is it! Why not today?

Here is a very simple Apple Cinnamon recipe to get you started or to enjoy your delicious fresh apples in a new way. You'll see how easy it is.

What you need:
     1. The right size crock pot. 1.5-2.5 quart for 1-2 people. 3 quart small family size, etc.

     2. Use this recipe as a guideline. Spice it up or down. Just get going!

Apple Oat Groat Congee
Place everything in the crock. 2 servings.
1/2 cup organic oat groats (be sure to use whole oat groats!)
1 apple peeled and cored (or put this in when you wake up and let warm before serving)
1 tsp. healthy fat (butter, coconut oil or butter, ghee, etc.)
2 1/2 cups water.
Add a dash of cinnamon or just keep it plain and simple. Delicious!
Stir, cover, set to low. Cook for 8-12 hours while you sleep.
Substitute any kind of rice or gluten free grain as needed when gluten free oat groats are not available.

*not using cups and quarts? Simply use 5:1 ratio as the key. 5 times as much water as whole grains.

​Let me know how it goes! Leave a comment below.

Interview with Karen Taylor, Founder of The Breakfast Cure

2 ways to enjoy morning. Learn to make it yourself OR get a Breakfast Cure Box delivered to your door. Rise & Shine!

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Karen Taylor has been practicing acupuncture and herbal medicine since 1995. Karen is also a breakfast pioneer. She has been prescribing warm, cooked, congee breakfasts to her patients for over 20 years with great results.

Karen founded The Breakfast Cure to share this healing, energizing comfort food with you. Perfect for busy people, Breakfast Cure meals cook overnight while you sleep.

Passionate about sharing the benefits of healthy, warm, cooked breakfast with the world, Karen founded The Breakfast Cure to share the deep wisdom of ancient Asian nutritional ​approach.

By eating soothing, slow-cooked, hydrating congee, you can heal your digestion, absorb more nutrients, get a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, boosting your metabolism all the while.

Plus the real bonus is that you create more precious morning time. It's super quick and easy and anyone can do it. Because it cooks overnight while you sleep, there is more time for what you love about morning...petting your dog or cat while sitting quietly, blasting some tunes and getting your groove on, meditating, riding your bicycle, reading a book, whatever makes your morning sweet, sacred, and special.

Make time for yourself with The Breakfast Cure. How will you enjoy extra morning time? Sleep more? Read? Meditate...

Make time for yourself with The Breakfast Cure. How will you enjoy extra morning time? Sleep more? Read? Meditate...

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Introducing The Mini Box

Introducing The Breakfast Cure Mini Box!

Now you can get all the same delicious, organic, gluten free, no GMO ingredients in a 6 Breakfast Bundle box.

Same FREE crock pot with your first box.

You choose the flavors or let me send my Chef's Choice Mini Box. No fuss no muss. Try new whole grains, and superfruits. Feel more and more nourished over time.

Introducing The Mini Box! The Breakfast Cure 6 pack. Give it a try today and feel more and more nourished over time.

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Leftovers – Delicious the Next Day

I've been hearing from a lot of folks who love using the 1.5-2 quart crock pot to cook breakfast overnight! Yay! Just two quick tips. First, be sure to soak the crock as soon as you serve to make clean-up  a snap. It really helps! Secondly, save your leftovers for another yummy breakfast.

I love leftovers!

I never want my good homemade whole grains to go to waste. Plus, they make great leftovers! The best method is a personal preference but here are some suggestions:

1. Reheat on the stove in a small sauce pan with a little milk, nut milk, coconut milk. Add a dash of vanilla to brighten it up a bit.

2. Pan fry! So yummy.

A personal favorite because I love the crisper texture to contrast with the smoother breakfast the first day. Put a little butter or coconut oil, olive oil or any favorite oil into the pan. Add a serving of leftover congee to the pan. Flatten and shape it into a pancake.

Use leftover congee in creative ways. Try pan frying for crisper texture

Pan Frying Congee Leftovers

3. Pop it in the microwave. Yep, I do it! Ready in seconds.

4. Melt a slice of cheese on top. Place in the oven on baking sheet with a slice of cheese on top until it's warm and melted.

5. Put the extra serving directly out of the crock into a soup thermos and have it for a snack later the same day. Try stirring in a spoonful of nut butter to give it a little extra staying power.

6. Put serving in a sauce pan with a little extra water and bring to a simmer. Whisk in a beaten egg, let cook a minute or two and serve. If it's savory add some fresh scallions and toasted sesame  oil, etc. For sweet add a few fresh berries and toasted nuts.

I'd love to hear what you have been doing with your leftovers...if you have any! Post a comment below and let me know what congee you've been making and how you enjoy it most. What do you do to liven up what's left?

Get recipes and tips for amazing and easy breakfasts.

Love mornings with The Breakfast Cure insider secrets.

Cook until golden, flip and cook until warm and cooked to perfection. Top with appropriate fresh herbs, fruits, nuts, yogurt, etc, or just eat as is. Top savory congee cakes with an egg or two. Experiment with beating an egg and mixing in before you pan fry.


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Slow Cook Breakfast Overnight

Slow cook your breakfast overnight to unlock time & energy

Tired of the usual breakfast?

Healthy breakfast bundles delivered to your door.

Pour into the breakfast mini slow cooker - Free with your first order. Slow cook delicious healthy breakfast overnight while you sleep.

Slow cooking grains overnight brings out nutrients and flavor.

Long slow cooking also softens and moistens the fiber.

Take in 5 times as much water as compared to the average breakfast.

Eat a wide variety of nutrients contained in the organic and gluten free ingredients in each bundle of breakfast cure love.

Let me take care of everything so you can check healthy breakfast off the to do list. Bam! Done!

Slow cook your breakfast overnight. Unlock time and energy the breakfast cure way. #breakfastcure

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Gluten Free Breakfast

Today we made Breakfast Cure Bundles filled with healthy  organic and gluten free breakfast ingredients.  And we did the whole thing in our new dedicated gluten free kitchen.

At The Breakfast Cure, we plan, shop, prep, portion, perfect, and deliver so you don't have to. Keep it simple and get healthy gluten free breakfasts without the hassle. Put the packet in the FREE crock pot, add water, stir, set to low, and sleep while your breakfast cooks overnight.

More interested in do it yourself recipes and know how for creating healthy gluten free breakfasts at home? Click below to...

Healthy gluten free breakfast can be quick, easy and homemade. The Breakfast Cure way.

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What is the Breakfast Cure? Healthy breakfast just got really easy.

Easy Healthy Breakfast Delivered!



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Introducing healthy breakfast made easy. The Breakfast Cure is for people who want to wake up to a homemade, healthy breakfast. No muss no fuss. Throw delicious Breakfast Cure bundles in the FREE crock pot, add water, stir, set to low and sleep while your breakfast cooks overnight. Easy healthy breakfast really delivers.

Want to make up your own recipes? Learn to make congee at home with my DIY recipes. Get your own 2 quart crock pot, get free recipes and congee guides and get started today.