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Karen M. Taylor, L.Ac. Founder of The Breakfast Cure

Celebrating the big one!

​​It's hard to believe I'll be turning fifty this month, that I've been practicing acupuncture for over of 20 of those years, and that The Breakfast Cure is turning one year old this very same month!

I'm banned from planning any festivities for the big day thanks to wonderful friends and family, so I  decided to celebrate by sharing some of what I've learned all these years in my practice.

Because it is the single thing that has helped more of my patients than anything else, I feel passionate about sharing this very simple perspective on digestion with as many people as possible .

My free Ebook is packed with juicy information distilled from all these years in private practice into just a few pages.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Llyane - March 2, 2018

Happy birthday, and enjoy! 🙂
I’m always up for a new digestion secret, can’t wait!

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