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Mega Omega

Mega Omega Case of 6 Wholesale


Wholesale Case of Six Breakfast Cure Mega Omega slow cooker or instant pot meal packets, approximately four servings (24 total servings per case)

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Organic, GF, Vegan, Non-GMO

Mega Omega × 6

(GF, V)

Ancient grains, seeds, and spices dance with pear and black currant.

In stock

In stock

Mega Omega is one super-moistening blend of chia seeds with various kinds of rice. We pack it full of nutritious fruits and spices and nourishing fats. This great-tasting flavor delivers maximum fluids to cool, soothe, and moisten. Our founder wrote an article on why she created this recipe packed with hydrating, yin-nourishing ingredients. You can read it here.

One thing is certain. Mega Omega is a true crowd-pleaser with people of all ages, genders, and body temperatures!

Chia seeds inspired the name with their balanced profile of omegas while adding a pleasing texture to this Breakfast Cure favorite. Customers love the quick clean-up. No need to soak the crock because those little miracle seeds prevent sticking. All that hydration is transferred to you too.

Pears are one of the juiciest fruits. Those drops of hydrating, lip-smacking, watery juice add to the moisture of this sensational recipe. Don’t love water? Find it challenging to drink enough water every day? We suggest eating foods that are both naturally juicy and cooked with a whole bunch of water. This will help you stay topped up with fluids. Warm fluids also improve fluid metabolism which reduces stagnation. It’s a win-win!

Not the easiest flavor profile to describe, yet this baby always ends up on the reorder list. Perhaps it’s the subtle spice or tiny currants that bring the whole bowl of Mega Omega together in an extra-special way. We hope you enjoy it!

Organic brown basmati rice, organic pear, organic coconut cream(tree nut), organic chia seeds, organic black rice, organic red rice, organic black currants, organic cinnamon, organic fennel seed, Himalayan pink salt.

Slow cooker not included. For best results use the suggested size 1.5-2 quart slow cooker or an instant pot.

  • Gluten Free

  • Organic

  • Vegan

  • Kid Approved

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