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Health Tips

Karen wearing a scarf and protecting wind gates

Protect Your Wind Gates

Sometimes the best thing you can do to stay well is to listen to the advice you’ve heard from elders your entire life. 

There are acupuncture points on your upper back called “Feng Men,” which means wind gate. This entire area is considered to be vulnerable to pathogens that can ride in on the wind. It’s simple to protect yourself from the elements, especially when it’s cold and damp. 

Karen created a mini masterclass to give you a quick two-minute view into how we understand catching colds and flu in Chinese medicine and why this wisdom matters.

Protect Your Wind Gates

Thank you so much for watching. Please send this along to anyone you know who leaves their wind gates hanging out in the rain and snow!

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“Good morning and welcome to Breakfast Cure. I’m Karen Taylor, Acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. Today’s Masterclass is about staying healthy. Keep your protection strong so you can avoid the external pernicious influences that make you sick. 

In Chinese medicine, these pathogens are categorized as heat, cold, dry, and damp. They each ride in on the wind. 

You have protective energy called Wei Qi or Defensive Qi. This energy circulates on the surface of your body in the skin and muscles. It controls the opening and closing of your pores and sweating. 

Eating warm, well-cooked foods and taking plenty of deep breaths will help you build strong protective Qi. Help keep potential invaders from catching a ride in on the wind by strengthening you Protective Qi.

The spot on your body that is most susceptible to external pathogens is called your Wind Gates. This is an area on your upper back/lower neck. The best way to protect yourself from any pathogens that can ride in on the wind, is to cover your wind gates. 

Today these same pathogens are called by other names, such as the viruses and bacteria that cause colds and flu.

Thanks for joining me today, now be sure to bundle up and wear a scarf; it’s one of the best ways to protect your wind gates and stay healthy.

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