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Three Treasures


(GF, V)
Three Treasures is a savory congee treat from Breakfast Cure® combining the wisdom of Chinese medicine for building all three treasures of the human being: Jing, Qi, and Shen. Formulated to nourish the blood, this flavor is rich and restorative with, of course, a carefully selected and delightful flavor profile. It contains organic, gluten-free, iron-rich foods that deliver all the nutrients needed to build red blood cells. Oxygenate your body and brain!

This is a tonic, adaptogenic recipe filled with special ingredients including Shiitake mushrooms, wild Chaga, He Shou Wu-Fo-Ti, Shan Yao wild yam, Longan Fruit, Hong Zao red jujube dates, Bhutanese red rice, black sesame seeds, and delicious herbs and spices used for centuries in herbal formulas to build blood and vitality while calming the heart and mind.

Founder and Master Herbalist at Dragon Herbs, Ron Teeguarden includes an article about the importance of adaptogenic support.

“Tonic herbs have the extraordinary ability to assist the body and mind in their ability to enhance our capacity to adapt optimally, accurately, and with endurance to all change, and thus to overcome the demands, stressors and instability of modern life. The herbs that most clearly foster such adaptability are called adaptogens. Adaptogens have been used for thousands of years to help humans cope and thrive. These adaptogenic substances expand one’s capacity so that stress becomes much less relevant, perhaps even a non-issue. For these reasons, the adaptogens should form the foundation of any herbal health and wellness program.”

Read more about Three Treasures here.

In stock

One gourmet slow-cooker meal packet, approximately four servings.

Organic sushi rice, organic  Bhutanese red rice, organic brown jasmine rice, organic Da Zao Jujube red dates, certified gluten-free brown teff, organic spices, organic red miso powder (Organic soybeans, organic rice, salt, organic aspergillus oryzae culture), organic wild yam Shan Yao, organic shiitake mushrooms, organic black sesame seeds Hei Zhi Ma, Himalayan pink salt,  organic wild Chaga mushrooms, organic He Shou Wu/Fo-Ti

Slow-Cooker not included. For best results use the suggested size 1.5-2 quart slow cooker or an instant pot.

  • Gluten Free

  • Organic

  • Vegan

  • Savory

  • Specialty

  • Low Gi

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