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Golden Spice in partnership with ShaktiCare


Golden Spice in partnership with ShaktiCare is an ancient recipe passed down for generations and brought to Breakfast Cure by our friend, and Ayurvedic Doula from ShaktiCare, Ameya Duprey.

Rich, spicy, and deeply rejuvenating by warming and building the power of digestion and restoring fluids, this flavor is made with even more water than our others.

Traditionally for aiding in the optimal flow of milk and recovery from birth, this beautifully balanced recipe is equally effective for anyone needing simple, soothing, warming restoration.

If you’ve never had jaggery, or if ghee is a new delight, you are in for a treat with this Ayurvedic rice porridge. Jaggery offers a delicious dose of needed iron and a sweet balance to the generous aromatic spices of Golden Spice in partnership with ShaktiCare.

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Organic white basmati rice, organic jaggery (organic sugar cane juice), organic, grass-fed ghee (milk, cultures), organic spice mix.

Golden Spice Nutrition Label

  • Specialty

  • Organic

  • Gluten Free

Slow-Cooker not included.

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