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Easy Congee Kit


Easy Congee Kit includes

8 Breakfast Cure Congee packets – flavors curated in partnership with Ameya Duprey, Ayurvedic Doula, and author of Mama’s Menu; Ayurvedic Recipes for Postpartum Healing.

Our Easy Congee Kit is perfect for new mamas, anyone recovering their strength, or wanting a gentle, healing, soothing breakfast to rebuild, restore, and rejuvenate. It’s great for easing into Breakfast Cure for anyone.

Golden Spice and Masala Spice are full of delicious warming spices, soothing rice, and fat that all cook together making a sumptuous treat that is true to the Breakfast Cure belief in the wisdom of warm cooked foods that are comforting and easy to digest. These meals are also great for anyone needing food that is easy to swallow.

Pour packet into slow-cooker, add water, set to low. Sleep while your breakfast cooks itself. Relax while you cook congee for lunch or dinner too.

Marvel in the feeling you get when you eat our warming, nourishing meals based on traditional wisdom. A warm glow starts in your stomach and feels so good inside you.

Includes Eight Breakfast Cure congee packets, 3 servings each (24 servings total)

3 Golden Spice Congee

2 Masala Chai Spice

1 Apple Cinnamon

1 Kitchari

1 Pear-fection

Flavors are curated and pre-selected. Proceed directly to checkout below.

Learn how to fully heal from birth without feeling stressed and exhausted with Ameya Duprey from ShaktiCare

Learn more about Breakfast Cure for difficulty swallowing or dysphasia

Golden Spice in partnership with ShaktiCare × 3

In stock

Masala Chai Spice Congee × 2

In stock

Apple Cinnamon

In stock

Pear-fection Congee

In stock


In stock

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