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8 Pack Subscription

$107.00 / month

Select your 8 flavors below.

Save 11% and have Breakfast Cure delivered right to your door every month.

8 packs = approximately 24 servings.

Be sure to use a 1.5-2 quart slow-cooker. Add one to your order now.

Product Quantity

Apple Cinnamon

In stock

Coconut Blueberry Bliss Congee

In stock

Golden Spice in partnership with ShaktiCare

In stock


In stock

Mango and Sticky Rice Congee

In stock

Masala Chai Spice Congee

In stock

Mega Omega Congee

In stock

Om Berry Congee

In stock

Pear-fection Congee

In stock

Pineapple Paradise

In stock

Romano Bean Dream

In stock

Tangled Up In Blueberry Congee

In stock

Three Treasures

In stock

This monthly subscription includes 8 Breakfast Cure packets, 3 servings each, plus toppings as described in the menu. Choose your favorite flavors or opt for Breakfast Cure to choose your flavors.

No Tax/Free Shipping.

Make sure to use the perfect size slow cooker. 

Once your subscription starts, you can change your flavors at any time via our easy to use account portal.

Make Mornings Easy + Healthy:

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