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30-Day Challenge


Have you tried Breakfast Cure and discovered that you like what you taste and how you feel from these meals?

Try our 30-Day Breakfast Cure Challenge!

  • eat congee three to four times per week for four weeks
  • establish a solid routine
  • feel in your own body the cumulative positive effects of eating congee regularly
  • determine how many packets you’re likely to eat monthly so you can subscribe to the right number and keep your discount going.

Experience for yourself the profound benefits that are available:

  • lasting relief from either constipation or loose stools
  • a soothed and comforted stomach and intestines
  • freedom from digestive distress
  • an energy and metabolism boost

We haven’t even mentioned the benefits of set-it-and-forget-it meals! Once you are in the routine of starting your Breakfast Cure cooking before bed, you wake up to the freedom of breakfast that’s ready whenever you are.

To be sure you are delighted with each meal, we include enough packets for hearty appetites. For some, a single serving is satisfying, and for others, it takes two servings to feel like a meal.


  • 8 Breakfast Cure meal packets-choose your flavors below or add to your cart as is, with our pre-selected choices.
  • Your Breakfast Cure Guide to the 30-Day Challenge
  • 30-Day Challenge Tracker Calendar

Apple Cinnamon

(GF, V)
Whole oat groats unroll overnight with naturally sweet apples.

In stock

Blueberry Bliss

(GF, V)
Coconut blueberry bliss with a maple kiss.

In stock

Mango Sticky Rice

(GF, V)
Succulent mango with sweet creamy coconut rice.

In stock

Masala Chai

(GF, V)
Spiced chai comfort food with a tea topping option.

In stock

Mega Omega

(GF, V)

Ancient grains, seeds, and spices dance with pear and black currant.

In stock

8 overnight meal packets, 4 servings each (32 servings total)

Your Breakfast Cure Guide to the 30-Day Challenge

One Breakfast Cure 30-Day Challenge Tracker Calendar

Slow-Cooker not included.