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Middle Burner Bliss Kit

Powerful Chinese medicine that feels and tastes great!

Bring the Benefits of Acupuncture Home

We’re teaming up to bring you the easiest, most delicious, effective combination to soothe your stomach and fuel the fire of your metabolism in just fifteen days.

Your Spleen and Stomach are the organs of digestion known in classical Chinese medicine as the middle burner. Not only is the middle burner a digestive powerhouse, but it is also responsible for processing fluids and regulating water metabolism. The middle burner plays an important roll in staying healthy and avoiding imbalances such as bloating and discomfort in the middle.

Welcome to Digestion Heaven

Each morning for 15 days we invite you to wake up to your tasty, soothing breakfast ready and waiting. Enjoy your nourishing bowl with a lovely cup of healing herbal tea. Worry not, because you can sip Digestive Harmony before your meal if you prefer a caffeinated beverage with your Breakfast Cure.

Acupuncturists and doctors of Chinese medicine know that a strong and healthy Spleen and Stomach, known as the middle burner, are the key to good digestion, absorption of nutrients, and therefore overall health and well-being too.

Many people are unfamiliar with how crucial warm, well-cooked foods are for building and maintaining good digestion and metabolism. In Chinese medicine, Spleen yang is the fire that fuels digestion.

Your Middle Burner Bliss Kit includes:

  • Seven Breakfast Cure congee packs, your choice of flavors (~3 servings each, ~21 total servings)

  • Discount Link for Fifteen DAO Labs Digestive Harmony effervescing powder herbal packets

  • Guide to Middle Burner Bliss – Instructions, guidance, and tips for optimal digestion

The best way to build and preserve this power of digestion is to eat warm, moist, easy-to-digest foods along with medicinal herbs to balance one’s stomach, upgrade digestive health, and generally deliver gut happiness when other western options have fallen short.

Don’t wait another minute to stoke the fires of your digestion and metabolism and discover how good you can feel.

15 day Middle Burner Bliss Kit with Breakfast Cure and DAO Labs

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New to Breakfast Cure? Time for a reset? Want to kickstart your Breakfast Cure?

“New year, new you” foolproof routine jumpstart.

Bloated after the holidays and ready for summer?

New to Chinese herbs?

Middle Burner Bliss is a no-brainer!

Medicinal rice porridges have been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. Taking herbs with congee or porridge improves their effectiveness because it makes them easier to absorb.

7 flavors of Middle Burner Bliss Kit

Seven Breakfast Cure Packets Included

acupucture needles packet of digestive harmony decorative plant

Fifteen DAO Lab’s Effervescent Packets Included


is inspired by the 8 herbs found in Preserve Harmony Decoction (Bao He Wan), a popular formula that has been used throughout the Chinese herbal medicine community for hundreds of years. The formula offers digestive strength in a way other synthetic options cannot. Why? Because like all of DAO Lab formulas, Digestive Harmony is born in nature, not in a lab, and carries the herbal heritage that remains powerful still to this day.



Purity, authenticity, and sustainability are pillars of DAO Labs, which translates into the way they source their herbs. DAO uses only sustainably-sourced herbs from Good Agriculture Practice farms and goes to extreme lengths to test and verify along their supply chain. All herbs are third-party tested in the U.S. for both safety and authenticity, setting a new standard in Chinese herbal medicine.

Want the scientific nitty-gritty? This article in the World Journal of Gastroenterology is for you: Herbal traditional Chinese medicine and its evidence base in gastrointestinal disorders.

Read our post about middle burner bliss, and how digestion is a key to good health, balanced emotions, mental clarity, and even spiritual well-being.

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