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All About Congee

How I discovered the miracle of congee and improved it

Good Morning. I’m Karen Taylor. I’m the founder of the Breakfast Cure. Today I want to talk to you about congee. Congee is a traditional Asian rice porridge, that’s been eaten all over Asia for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The Breakfast Cure is a modern adaptation of that. I’ve spent a lot of time modernizing it for the Western pallet-making a congee that you can eat and find delicious and that doesn’t seem foreign, but delivers all of the medicinal healing properties of this ancient recipe.

I started eating congee about 20 years ago, when I was in Chinese medical school, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was introduced to the concept of slow cooking grains to make them more easily digestible. I thought that was an interesting concept. What really ignited the fire in me, was trying it, and feeling how different my digestion felt.

I suddenly noticed that my stomach didn’t hurt at all. There was no pain, no cramping. In fact, I felt this warm, soothing, comforting, nourishing feeling that just grew, the more days in a row that I ate it. That really made me want to find out more about it. I’ve spent over 20 years trying all these different combinations to find the really tasty, healthy ones that work in our modern world.

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