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Founder Karen Taylor

Hi, I’m Karen Taylor, Acupuncturist and Herbalist. A little secret about me is that my approach is a bit unusual. I'm into easy, powerful habits and rituals you want to do because you love them. 

For the past 25 years I’ve been applying the wisdom of Asian medicine to my specialty in digestion and nutritional counseling. I rely on  simple daily solutions that help me and the people I care for heal and feel better.

Karen Taylor smiling about loving congee.

Perhaps  you too have found inspiration in the oddest place. Most of us start life this way. Like me, in love with and writing poems to rocks at age 3! Now at fifty I’m still hooked and I’ve climbed mountains to admire obsidian.

One day while in Chinese medical school, my respected nutrition professor lectured about the traditional Asian rice porridge, “congee.” She taught us to slow-cook a soothing and healing meal. When she looked out into the classroom, she was met by a room of blank, sleepy stares. And me-riveted, eyes wide open, sitting bolt upright and practically lifting out of my chair with that familiar feeling of inspiration.

Tenacious like I was at 3 years old, this ancient healing recipe still moves me to create congee flavors that delight Western tastes, like Apple Cinnamon or Mango and Sticky Rice. I’ve worked with thousands of patients over 25 years. Eating congee for breakfast is the single nugget of wisdom that has helped people the most and is the most likely to help you.

Karen shows a freshly make Breakfast Cure bundle.

I founded Breakfast Cure to get the word out about the incredible benefits of congee. But who wants a soupy rice gruel? Exactly! I've optimized Breakfast Cure to taste great and allow you to forget you ever complained about your stomach pain, constipation, poor digestion, bloating, or cramping.

I wasn't always a congee advocate. Even though I've eaten congee for 25 years and always believed it to be a cornerstone of my excellent health, it wasn't until my own mother died from complications of constipation that I realized how important this information truly is. I know this warm, soothing breakfast would have prevented the premature end to her brilliant life, and I miss her every day.

Karen and her mom Jean celebrating love.

I share the healing benefits of Breakfast Cure with you because I've witnessed the impact it’s had on my patients and friends. First of all, it’s so easy to make and eat you can quickly adopt this ritual.


Secondly, the gentle cleansing it offers is the perfect solution for fallout of our fast paced, over-processed world. So many people suffer from digestive distress. Breakfast Cure is a slow-cooked comfort food without compare.

Breakfast Cure brings ease into everyday mornings so I'm excited to share with you both how to make congee and why it's so healing. I continue to practice acupuncture, herbs, and Asian nutrition in Eugene, Oregon when I’m not dancing, cycling, birding or generally going outside to play.

Rise and shine,


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