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Slow Cook Breakfast Overnight

Slow cook your breakfast overnight to unlock time & energy

Tired of the usual breakfast?

Healthy breakfast bundles delivered to your door.

Pour into the breakfast mini slow cooker - Free with your first order. Slow cook delicious healthy breakfast overnight while you sleep.

Slow cooking grains overnight brings out nutrients and flavor.

Long slow cooking also softens and moistens the fiber.

Take in 5 times as much water as compared to the average breakfast.

Eat a wide variety of nutrients contained in the organic and gluten free ingredients in each bundle of breakfast cure love.

Let me take care of everything so you can check healthy breakfast off the to do list. Bam! Done!

Slow cook your breakfast overnight. Unlock time and energy the breakfast cure way. #breakfastcure

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Ginger Pear Congee Recipe – Hydrate your cells & improve digestion

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I love how Breakfast Cure recipes are both deeply hydrating and at the same time soothe and regulate digestion. Bonus - this prevents and even eliminates bloating.

Here in Oregon we have amazing pears and hazelnuts. Fresh pears make a wonderful breakfast. Soft and lightly sweet, pears mix naturally with soft, soothing slow cooked grains.

Pears are so juicy and add to the hydrating quality of any congee breakfast. The whole grains cook slowly overnight absorbing 6 times the water!

Because it's warm and well cooked, it's super comforting for the body and soul PLUS, as an acupuncturist, I always recommend a warm cooked breakfast for increasing metabolism, digestion and therefor energy.​

​That's why I say "The Breakfast Cure unlocks time and energy"

New to making congee for breakfast? Be sure to download my quickstart guide for the best results the first time you make a Breakfast Cure recipe.

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Breakfast Cure quick start congee guide recipes

Download your free recipe & make Ginger Pear Breakfast Cure Congee at home! Hydrate-improve digestion-feel great!

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